Preparedness & MRC

Following the events of 9/11 and the subsequent anthrax scares, the federal government realized that our public health infrastructure was lacking in many areas. Since the fall of 2002 local health departments have been receiving federal grant money to build public health preparedness and epidemiology capacity.  The Hopkins County Health Department has utilized that funding to the fullest benefit for our health department and communities.
As a program, we have been working to develop and implement all hazards preparedness plans for our health department.  We have plans in place to deal with Smallpox, Anthrax, Pandemic Influenza,  and to Receive, Stage, and Store the Strategic National Stockpile from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  We have participated in numerous exercises and drills.  In addition to planning, we are actively training our health department staff, community, and first responders on numerous topics related to disaster preparedness and the health department response. 
 Our health department preparedness program is responsible for recruitment and coordination of the Hopkins-Muhlenberg Medical Reserve Corps.  This cadre of volunteers will be a tremendous asset to our communities in the event of a disaster, as they will serve to augment the public health and medical staff who are responding.
 If you are interested in becoming a MRC volunteer please visit our volunteer registry program known as the Kentucky Health Emergency Listing of Professionals for Surge or KHELPS.  For more information about the program you can contact the Hopkins-Muhlenberg Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator, Lisa Hopper at 270-821-5242 ext. 258 or log on to KHELPS website and click on FAQ.  For more information on Medical Reserve Corps, click this hyperlink.